Be A Healthy Snow Bunny With This Skincare Checklist

by Trina Remedios

When Snowzilla laid her icy-cold hands over the East Coast, YouTube blogger Casey Neistat took to the streets of New York on a snowboard for the kind of city tour you're unlikely to find in the pages of the Lonely Planet. They say the worst is over, which means that people are coming out of their burrows to make the most of our snowy landscapes with a volley of skiing, sledging, and fun sculpting activities; and of course, snowball fights are a given in this weather.

Well, we're ready to come out and play, too, but just give us a few minutes to get all geared up for the snow first.

  1. Petroleum Jelly: First up, one must always apply some petroleum jelly to the face, hands, and basically any area that may be exposed to the snow, because it acts as an insulator that traps the heat in your skin. You could go all out and smother your body in petroleum jelly, or just use a heavy moisturizer for the parts that are covered, yet vulnerable to the extreme temperature.
  2. Sun Protection: The winter sun is the sneakiest little thing as it deflects harsh rays and increases your ultraviolet exposure by 40 percent; all this without shining bright. Never, never ever, forget to apply sunscreen before you head out and preferably use one with SPF 50 which should have you covered for about 4 hours.
  3. H20 Fix: Drink a glass full of water before you head out. Also, carry a small bottle along if possible because you should be sipping on some H20 every two hours in the winters.The cold weather dehydrates not just your body, but your pores, too. A good way to get your fluid fix would be to hydrate your body from the inside out with fruits, food high in healthy fatty acids (omega 3), drinking water and moisturizing lotions. Also, having a humidifier in the room maintains the moisture levels in your skin as it negates the dry air from the heater.
  4. EyeWear: No ordinary glares will do. Snow goggles/sunglasses should definitely make it to your list to protect the sensitive under eye area, and your pupils from the harsh winds and UV rays. They won't let dry weather fuel your wrinkles and fine lines, although using some under eye serum and eye drops before you head out is also a must.
  5. Seal The Cracks: If your skin's already in bad shape and has begun to show cracks, fill them in right away before you head out into the snow. Moisturizers for dry heels and hand calluses, lip balms for your pout, and some hydrating serums to prevent wind burn can prevent the problem from deteriorating. FYI, face and body oils are great alternatives that can be used as a one-stop solution to deal with those painful cracks.

Now, we're about to throw on our snow coats and some tread boots before we head out the door. Want to join us?

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