56 & Fabulous, Nicola Griffin Slays In The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

by Trina Remedios
The SI Swimsuit edition is a coveted feat for most models, and easily one of the most popular issues by Sports Illustrated. Expectedly, it has always featured young and hot women in itsy-bitsy bikinis, sprawled sexily across some of the most scenic beaches in the world.

This year, however, we pointedly went to buy a copy because their Swimsuits For All edition covered gorgeous women from across ages, sizes, color, and body proportions, unapologeticly showing off their love handles, muffin tops, and gray locks of hair, too. Whoa, what a breath of fresh air this one is, in the face of all the Photoshopped women that continue to distort the bounds of body image. 

And while we have nothing against SIS's go-to breed of models like Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum which ricocheted the swimsuit edition to success, with body shaming and trolling becoming such a growing and insensitive problem, we're happy to see the likes of 56-year-old swimsuit model Nicola Griffin make it to the inside pages.

This video of Nicola, along with Ashley Graham and Philomena Kwao gave us all sorts of feels, the kind that would have one beaming with pride and appreciation. 

While we would've loved to see either one of them on the cover and not the ad pages, we think Sports Illustrated has intentionally, or unintentionally, made two worthy statements with this swimsuit issue: Say no to body shaming, and have better squad goals by aspiring to match up to these ladies someday!

Of course, the crack in the glossy crust is that the brand Swimsuits For All has signed on to advertised with SIS for yet another year (money speaks volumes), but think about this, they're sending a positive message, whatever be the motivating factor.

Also, it suggests a change in the advertising industry where brands like Swimsuits For All may take over the centerspread and kill the body shaming racket that deserved to die, like yesterday! 
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