Dear Boyfriend, Here's What I Want This Valentine's Day

by Charlene Flanagan

From the moment I began writing this article, one line from 50 Shades of Grey has been stuck in my head—you know, the one where Christian says: “Hearts and flowers, that’s not something I know.” Well, you may not get the whole charm of "hearts and flowers" either, but don't leave your special someone hanging by doing a lazy job this Valentine's Day in the gifting department. The perfect, thoughtful, Valentine's Day gift is within your grasp and you don't even realize it.

Beauty baskets are a somewhat unexpected, but almost universally appreciated gift that will make you look like the thoughtful guy or gal you are. Even if your special someone isn't the kind who has a drawer full of lotions, expensive creams, and face masks, everyone's got to bathe and moisturize, right?

Most beauty brands offer a mix of bath and beauty products sold as gift sets for Valentine's Day, complete with pretty bows, cute lil baskets, and enthralling scents, all rolled into one. Best part, they are already halfway wrapped, just throw them in a gift bag and you're done!

To make things easier, here are our picks for the boxes you can't go wrong with, no matter who the special someone in question is.


The Body Shop
Walk past The Body Shop and you can't help but take a deep breath to soak in the amazing scents emanating from their store. From body lotions, glitter lotions, lip balms to body mists, to scrubs, face washes, and makeup, too, they provide you with the option of customizing your gift basket or taking your pick from pre-assembled ones. Now, my personal favorite is the Cherry Blossom gift set, but really, you could go from citrus scents to cocoa and chocolate butters, more organic tea tree extracts, or vanilla fragrances—whatever you think they'll like. Depending on the number of products, expect to spend between $11 and $100. A medium-sized gift set is always a good way to go, we think. You can buy one here.


Tata Harper
Now, they have a sampler Try-Me kit for $25 with 12 mini products that she could experiment with. But, given that the brand is 100% natural and non-toxic, if you're in the mood to spend we'd put our money on their Valentine's Day Love set that costs $240. Considered a luxury brand even among the all-natural labels in the beauty world, your girl will recognize the Tata Harper gift bag from a mile away (and definitely know what it's worth!). Besides, they use some of the most trendy ingredients like argan oil, rosehip oil and the likes, the kind that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton uses herself. Of course, this one's a tad pricey so expect to pay anywhere between $55 and $380. You can take your pick here.


The Honest Co. By Jessica Alba
Another all-natural and eco-friendly brand that most women are loving right now, The Honest Co. products are baby-safe so they're really gentle for everyday use, even for grown men and women. If you don't want to give your leading lady any ideas because you're not 'there' yet in the relationship, buying her the bath time gift set is a good way to go. At just under $50, it packs five products with natural extracts like jojoba oil, shea butter, chamomile, avocados, argan oil, and many others. FYI, many people with sensitive skin  opt for baby-formulated products like baby oil, baby powder, and baby body wash. Do a quick scan of the shower or bathroom sink and if you see your loved one uses these products, you may want to scan The Honest Co's 'for infants' line.


Tom Ford
Okay, don't run away scared. We know the big name brings with it a big price tag but hear us out, will you? Now, the Lips & Boys 50 Piece Set might seem unnecessary (and extravagant at $1950), but the label allows you to pick 3 products from the 50 to make a designer makeup bag worth $105. Remember, whichever shade you pick (our favorites are the Demsey, Rocco and Giacomo), take a scarlet (reds and maroons), a nude (browns and beiges), and a pink (mauves and fuchsias). FYI, you might want to rope in her bestie for a second opinion before you buy them here.


If your lady or gent loves to obsess with their hair, Oribe is just the brand for them because it comes straight from the hands of the namesake celebrity hairstylist. At $97 for the set, we think the Gold Lust collection is perfectly luxurious and apt for the occasion. Gift the gift of a good hair day, and your special someone will love you forever! The set includes a shampoo, conditioner and heat protectant in reasonably-sized packages of 50ml-250ml bottles. The products smell divine, like little French perfume bottles, and are aimed at rejuvenating distressed locks by using cypress, argan, and maracuja healing oils. You can buy the gift set here.

DIY Your Own Beauty Gift Set
If you're feeling crafty and want to go the extra mile by making your own gift basket from scratch, we've got a ton of recipes and tricks for whipping up DIY beauty products at home. Just buy fancy glass containers and slap a love note on the jar. Personalization and the extra mile are sure to win you some extra brownie points.

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