Your Hair Needs Sunscreen Too, Make Your Own At Home

by Charlene Flanagan

When you think of sun protection, some screening solutions for your skin are what you'd lap up on. Hair sunscreens aren't all that common, however, they do exist for a very valid reason. Ask your hair dresser and he will be able to tell you if your locks are sun-damaged, and even if they're aging at an accelerated pace.

Excess exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays dehydrates your strands and makes your tresses look raggedy and straw-like. What's more, it alters the natural color of your hair and even affects your dye job by tempering the saturation of the hues. Worse, the sun breaks down the proteins in your locks—the ones that help maintain the shape, and are also responsible for strength.

For all these reasons and many more (like maintaining the sheen, keeping your mane healthy, preventing dirt build-up on the scalp), we teach you how to make your very own hair sunscreen with two easy DIY recipes:

Grape Seed & Rose Water Hair Sunscreen

  • 10-15 drops grapeseed essential oil
  • 200ml rose water

In a spray bottle, mix the grapeseed oil and rose water and shake well. Whenever you step out of your house, simply spray it on your hair and comb through. This sunscreen is a great way to improve the texture of your hair. The grapeseed oil acts as a shield to protect against the sun, and the rose water induces hydration while doubling up as a hair fragrance.

Red Raspberry Sunscreen Serum

  • 1tbsp jojoba oil
  • 5-10 drops raspberry seed oil
  • 1 jar hair gel

In the hair gel of your choice, add the jojoba oil and raspberry seed oil and mix well. Alternately, you can add the oils to 1 glass cold water and shake well. Simply take 1tbsp jojoba oil and mix in 2 drops red raspberry seed oil. Blend the mixture well and apply this serum on your damp or dry hair, 30 minutes before stepping out.

Make note that rejuvenating hair masks, once a month are also advisable to repair the damage, which, if you're using these sunscreens will be bare minimum.


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