Beauty Vlogger Of The Week: Michelle Phan

by Trina Remedios

Long before other beauty vloggers took to YouTube, there was Michelle Phan, a 20-something everywoman who was racking up followers faster than she could count.

With 8.4 million (and counting) subscribers on her YouTube channel and a business worth $500 million, Michelle Phan has grown to be so much more than just another beauty vlogger. She's racked up accolades along the way: she's made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, has been featured on the cover of Nylon magazine, and has been interviewed by Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, and Glamour

She's certainly more than a pretty face, with an inspiring story that young digital entrepreneurs (men and women alike) can learn from. Here's why we're loving Michelle Phan.

Michelle Phan's Relatable

Michelle Phan is the ultimate everywoman. She gets our need for a mix of both affordable and luxury brands, and her straight-forward tutorials are so useful that even experts could learn a thing or two. She rocks a serene vibe paired with inspiring affirmations, and of course, her tried-and-tested beauty recommendations. Just one watch and we're sure you'll understand why her videos helped to launch a beauty vlogging revolution.

Michelle Phan's More Than Makeup

Her channel is honest and goes way beyond beauty tips, exploring topics ranging from emotional well-being through her Pillow Talk playlist, to DIYs, pet care, fashion trends, and cooking segments; she's even done a salad tutorial with British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver - yum.

Michelle Phan's Got A Knack For The Unusual 

She has a knack for spotting unusual makeup trends that you won't necessarily find in the mainstream media. Some of her (sometimes outlandish) looks, which include body art and temporary tattoos, can be seen at Halloween parties, music festivals, and raves.

Michelle Phan's A Savvy Business Woman

Her popularity doesn't end at her YouTube channel; in fact, it was only the beginning.

In 2010, Michelle was signed on as Lancôme's first official video makeup artist and shortly thereafter, launched her own line of cosmetics with L'Oréal Paris (called Em Michelle Phan). But she didn't stop there, Michelle has also since launched her subscription-based Ipsy glam bag service, which to date has over 1.5 million subscribers. Beauty products hand-picked by one of our favorite beauty experts and delivered to your door monthly? Yes please. 

Need we say more about why she's such an inspiration? Here's a video where she shares beauty secrets with Kelly Osbourne backstage, just before going live for her Forbes segment.

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