Let Your Home Be One With Nature With These Thoughtful Additions

by Debolina Raja

Life these days is all about deadlines and meetings and trying to squeeze some family time, from the little that remains.  In this mad rush, where do you have time to get a dose of nature, you may wonder. Well, if you can’t go to nature, why not try bringing some to you – right inside your home?

Get A Bird House
Sounds fun? This is one of the easiest ways you can get those beautiful feathered friends to come and visit. Set up a small space on a balcony, or even on the window. Add a container for water, and if you may, for some bird food. Very soon, you will be waking up to some natural melodious alarms.

Get Some Indoor Plants
Not all of us have the luxury of staying in a green neighborhood or having the time to visit a park daily. In that case, having a few indoor plants placed around the house can add that green effect to your home. Try placing some greens in the corner areas of rooms, on the mantelpiece, inside the main entrance, on window sills and even on your bookshelf!

Try A Nature-Themed Wall
If you are planning to change your wallpaper soon, or get your home repainted, a good idea could be getting a feature wall with a nature theme. If you are not too comfortable creating this in your living room or bedroom, try getting one in your bathroom. Your morning shower time amidst a scene of nature will instantly pep you up.

Let The Air In
Agreed, most of us are used to the air-conditioned pleasures of life. But ever thought of trying out some of that natural breeze too? Let your home breathe naturally by opening up the windows and letting the air in. Get some light curtains in fabric that will easily allow the air to flow.

Choose Natural
Being connected with nature doesn’t just mean filling up your home with plants. Alternatively, you could also try and use products that are made using natural resources. From bath, skin, hair care products to makeup, furniture and even your home décor, there’s a lot that is available in the market these days that are made with natural ingredients. Using these will help you connect with nature, albeit indirectly.

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