5 Fall Scents To Heighten Your Mood & Freshen Your Home

by Myla Cruz

Fall brings a number of delightful sensations—from cool winds to colorful leaves and sweet treats. It’s a magical time, full of tingling scents that fill the home with appetizing and warm aromas. In honor of this sweet and crisp time of year, we rounded up our favorite fall scents to fill your house with this month. 


Fall is the height of apple harvest, so naturally the fruit hangs from the top of our list. It’s also earned it’s right to be among these great scents for its migraine-soothing attributes. A 2008 study found that those who considered the scent appealing also had a noticeable ease in their headache symptoms and shortened migraine episodes.

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Year-round, we’re dousing this yummy and pungent spice in recipes from soups and stews to cookies and custards. If you’re ever just feeling sharp and on your toes after utilizing sweet spices there’s a reason: research shows that the smell of cinnamon can help boost brain function. According to a Wheeling Jesuit University study, those who were given the sweet spice improved in cognitive activities such as memory and attention span. Additionally, two teaspoons of cinnamon provides about half the recommended daily amount of manganese, a powerful antioxidant that is crucial for brain and body health.


Pumpkin has been made somewhat of the poster food for the fall season, seen in strong association with this time of year as crops of the harvested food come into season. Crazily enough, the iconic fall aroma is also an olfactory aphrodisiac for men. A study conducted by The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that 40 percent of the male test subjects responded positively to the scent when it was mixed with lavender.

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As the spicy cousin of cinnamon, nutmeg is a great additive in everything from stews to cookies and tons of delectable eats mixed in between. But, did you know it’s also used by many as a sleep aid believed to induce muscle relaxation and stress relief? Additionally, the spice may help with memory long-term. Studies show that myristicin, a property found in nutmeg, can hinder the enzyme that contributes to Alzheimer’s disease.


Aside from clove’s amazing scent, clove oil has been proven as a profound antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial. When utilized in an oil burner, clove can have similar effects as nutmeg producing relaxation and stress relief for any time of the day.

Have other fall time scents that you adore? Share in the comment section below!

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