5 Innovative Ways To Reuse Tin Cans

by Shruti Shukla

With the growing popularity of canned foods and soda, tin cans have become a part of our daily lives. If you’re wondering what to do with all the empty cans lying around the house, you’ll be glad to know there are ways to reuse them, instead of trashing them. Be an eco-citizen, and repurpose them.

You could simply remodel your tin can as:

  1. A Stand: Use it as a pen-holder in your study, or use it as a holder for your forks, spoons and knifes in the kitchen. You can also make it a stand for your toiletries. Wrap it with a colorful piece of paper, or paint it in pretty hues, to match it with the interiors of your home.

  2. A Candle Molder: How about making your own scented candles? Before you pour the melted wax in the container, line the insides with oil, so that it comes out smoothly, once settled. Wait until the candle sets, and then flip it out. Or, you could simply leave the candle inside the container. Pretty it up with paint, or tie a satin ribbon around the tin. Be sure to add some fragrant essential oils to your wax.

  3. A Planter: You have little pots for your house-plants right here. Fill half of the tin with soil, and place your sapling inside it. Paint multiple tins with different colors and place them around your house or garden, or suspend them by the window.

  4. A Socks Holder: Stick a bunch of cans together with glue, and put one pair of socks in each of them. This way you will keep them organized and in place.

  5. A Lantern: Punch holes in your tin can and place a bulb inside it. Get creative and try different patterns to make it look pretty, as the light pierces through it.

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