5 Tips To Treat Your Kids To A Healthier Easter

by Vanessa Luis

Like every other holiday, chocolate will be center stage on Easter too. From chocolate eggs to bunnies, there’s absolutely no missing this rich indulgence. And the ones who’ll make the most of it will be our kids, even if it is not the healthiest thing to do.

If you’re worried about your children overdoing chocolate this Easter, here are a few tips to ensure they have a healthier holiday.

  • Food expert and author of several books on nutrition, Laurence Beeken suggests that parents should choose plain chocolate instead of luxury eggs. For instance, the Thornton’s egg can contain up to 1,715 calories over a Cadbury one that could have almost half the calories or less. Additionally, these extravagant treats contain more chocolate and have thicker shells and are usually bigger in size too. Regular brands such as Cadbury and Nestle are generally lower in calories and have hollow eggs.
  • He also points out that plain chocolate is better than milk as it contains more heart-healthy flavonoids and has a much more intense flavor. This satiates you faster thus stopping you from eating too much.
  • Another fact worth noting is that eggs with extra frills, such as a lot of truffle chocolate inside can further increase the calorie count. Choosing a filling with sugar-free jelly sweets is comparatively a better option.
  • Beeken also recommends storing these chocolate treats in the refrigerator or someplace away from direct sight. This will prevent them from constantly nibbling on them. Frozen chocolate will also last longer in the mouth, thus stopping them from eating too much.
  • In spite of all these tricks, ideally you must keep them away from these chocolate bombs altogether. Lure them with healthier treats like fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate or a dark chocolate, which is known to be one of the healthiest forms of chocolate.

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