7 Healthier Ways To Indulge Your Sweet Tooth This Thanksgiving

by Simona Terron

Just because Thanksgiving means a lot of feasting, it doesn’t imply that you have to break your healthy eating patterns and go berserk stuffing your face with whatever you can reach for. On the other hand, we’re not advocating abstinence and starvation either. Depriving yourself of things you enjoy eating and occasionally even crave, will only increase the chances of your cheating and over-indulging in something unhealthy that will result in guilt, shame and of course, an excessive intake of empty and unnecessary calories.

The best way to combat this is to use your imagination and your resources (we’ve already done all the work for you. You’re welcome.) to come up with a strategy that will let you enjoy yourself during Thanksgiving, and still eat healthy as well as continue to feel and look good.

Since desserts are usually the downfall of even the strictest and most disciplined person during the holidays, we bring you a bunch of healthy and delicious sweet treats that’ll cheer you up in no time:

  1. Baked Apple Roses: Crunchy sweet apples, natural apricot preserves, freshly squeezed lemon juice and regular puff pastry: these four basic ingredients are all it takes to create a beautiful, healthy and delicious dessert that’s also easy to make and looks like it took hours to prepare.
  2. And if you want to go bananas and sink your teeth into fruity desserts, we have so many to choose from: while there’s always the dependable and straightforward fruit salad, you can experiment and combine fruit with aromatic spices, or pair them with salty, rich cheese like feta. But why not dunk them in chocolate, fondue-style? Choose dark chocolate, which is healthier and tastier or spike it with some cumin for a kick that’ll do your health a world of good.
  3. Other ways to enjoy fruit based desserts is to cook it into a compote, pair it with some zingy candied ginger, poach it gently with some citrus or caramelize it into gooey goodness.
  4. If you’ve adopted a vegan lifestyle, no need to sit in the corner and angrily eye the egg-filled, dairy-product-rich goodies from a distance. Not when you can simply whip up your own scrumptious vegan desserts that are simple to prepare and just happen to be totally vegan.
  5. Going gluten-free during this time of the year will never be full of heartache again, not with this recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes.
  6. For those of you trying to give up sugar for whatever reason, no need to worry when you can feast to your heart’s delight on sugar-free desserts that are easy on the eye and the body.
  7. And of course, since you’re planning to do all this baking, we know how it can get to be a messy affair, what with flour flying around all over the place and butter smudges everywhere. But things can get really untidy when you have to tackle a difficult piping bag that seems to have a mind of its own and just won’t cooperate. To win the battle with this indispensable kitchen tool, you need to learn our tips and tricks to befriend your piping bag, the essential baking buddy, complete with guidelines on selecting the appropriate nozzle to filling the bag and then using it most efficiently.

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