8 Simple Tips To Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

by Aparna Ayyar
Want to host a party that everyone will remember? Before you start worrying about rustling up delectable appetizers or decluttering your home, you need to figure out ways to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. We have just the right tips on how to make your guests feel welcome.

1. Offer A Beverage Right Away

You can’t really go wrong with this one. As soon as your guests walk in, offer them a drink. It immediately puts people at ease. And I have to say, wine really is the best conversation starter.

2. Accept Gifts Graciously

If your guests bring along a small gift, don’t let them just stand there in the hallway holding on to that bunch of flowers or that basket of mini muffins awkwardly. Thank them for being thoughtful and accept the gift graciously.  

3. Introduce Your Guests To Each Other

Most people are apprehensive about dinner with a bunch of people they don’t know. Introduce guests to each other and start them off on a conversation. It could be something as simple as “Bob just adopted a beagle” or “Jill bakes the best gooey brownies”. Introductions that are open ended such as these help your guests make small talk. Also, it’s a great way to acknowledge what your guests do and make them feel good about themselves.  

4. Plan Your Cooking

It’s essential that you plan your cooking and serving efficiently so you’re not spending all your time in the kitchen. Your friends came to spend time with you and not just to test your culinary skills. We all know that they'd be there even if you just got takeout.

5. Lighting

Low lighting is not only flattering, it is also conducive for free flowing and uninhibited conversations. Also, you have to admit, the right lighting makes for great photo ops.

6. Keep It Kid-Friendly

Make arrangements for some kid-friendly activities just in case your guests decide to bring children along. Assemble the children in a separate room and play their favorite movies like Madagascar or Monsters Inc. You could also just toss some crayons, coloring books, or play doh on the floor and let them do what theyw ish. And if you really want them to have a blast, create a make-shift fort with bed sheets and towels. You'll make friends with them for life.   

7. Complicated Food

Don’t serve food that’s difficult to eat. Nothing feels more unwelcoming than guests with complicated food not having anything to eat. Stick to hassle free food that you can sink your teeth in.

8. Allergies & Specifications

Remember to ask if your guests are allergic to anything or have a strong aversion to certain kinds of food. You could also take this a step ahead and try to remember if your guests like a certain kind of wine or dessert. Everyone likes to feel special.     
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