5 Upscale Spring Ikea Finds Under $50

by Trina Remedios
I confess that I can't get enough pieces of furniture and decor accessories from IKEA. After all, the place is a goldmine for household products at affordable prices. With some clever tricks and these products, your home can look like the catalog pages of a plush decor magazine if you use these statement-pieces.

The Basket Weave: At just $16.99, this hand-woven basket is a steal and will make for a great addition in your living room, the kid's room, or any other place that could benefit with some storage space for newspapers, toys, clothes, and the likes. The pull-out handles make it easy to carry and the weave is strong enough to hold light-weighted contents. But what we love most is that each basket is unique as the palm leaves that have been used to make them lend a natural gradient effect in terms of color and texture.

The European Ticker: There's something extremely old school and vintage about a wall clock, and we think this ornate looking ticker adds more character than a conventional circular dial. Fitted with the quartz movement, the steel framework with its intricate cutouts will serve as the perfect peek-a-boo pathway to a bold color on the wall (think something with a red, blue, wine background). The white wash makes the Skurar wall clock versatile and lends a good contrast in a busy room. Designed by Ehlén Johansson, you can import this European charmer into your living room for just $12.99. 

The Bird Cage Lantern: Ditch the old table lamp - it's too mainstream. Why not take a look at this beauty, which is inspired from the iron gates found guarding the homes of the influential lot? The Gottgöra lantern by Swedish designers Johanna Asshoff and Hanna Brogård costs just $12.99 for the 10" steel and glass version you see in this picture. Simply placing a tea-light candle will cast an artistic shadow on the wall as the rays illuminate from the cage of the lantern. You can alternately hang it in the balcony or place it in the hands of your garden gnome. 
Mirroring Royalty: The only thing grander than a wall hanging is a mirror with an intricate frame that makes no apologies about being full-sized, over-the-top, and extremely vain. Anyways, we've always loved reflective surfaces because they lend the illusion of more space and a wider room, so this lead-free one ticks all the right boxes. The Ung Drill mirror costs $39.99 and will work great in a room with earthy tones or one which has a vintage/stately vibe. 

Faux Fur Rug: Perhaps the most luxurious-looking of them all, this faux fur sheepskin rug is a great way to fake luxury. Want to make a bolder statement? Pick a lighter color and juxtapose it with golds and browns in the room decor for a royal appeal. Made from wool, the Rens' sheepskin rug is anti-slip and is priced at $29.99.

Arty Vibes: Nothing screams more retro cool than trendy pop art. This funky picture can liven up any space and will make you appear fly and hip. The motif has been created by Deborah Azzopard and it's basically a 
paper poster sealed with clear polyester lacquer for some sheen. Mounted on a fiberboard, you can clean it with a dry cloth. The 70cm x 50cm picture is so much better than the same old travel artwork that's commonplace in too many homes now. Cost: $9.99

The Glass Vase: Every stately home has some fresh flowers somewhere. Now, you may choose to go with artificial ones but this hour-glass Blomster vase will serve as the perfect reminder for that floral arrangement. Designed by Pia Amsell and Barbro Wesslander, it can host both small and big flowers, and will work well if you throw in some colored gems or luminiscent stones in it, too. With a floral pattern embossed on the glassware, the delicate piece is worth the $39.99.
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