Downtown Brooklyn Gets An Uptown Makeover

by Annie Mistak
Annie Mistak, a New York City Interior designer and owner of Brontosaurus Inc., shares her latest interior design project from Brooklyn, NY with Z Living.

My Downtown Brooklyn client Hannah hails from the deep South and is a former New York City public school teacher. She's the kind of girl who likes things "just so" (or in my head, the kind of woman who adores a cute monogram). Her style is Traditional Preppy and always put together. 

Hannah previously owned a lot of blue and white chinoiserie (another way to say ginger jars) that we incorporated into her scheme. They add a wink to lands far away, are a unique and personal touch, and fit in with the classy vibe we were going for throughout. 

For the walls we bought a large ocean scene art print from Minted, which came matted and framed at an amazingly agreeable price. A large piece of art can be a great grounding element in any room. The ocean scene also helped to set the calm tone that Hannah was looking for in the space.

For the living room, we started our furniture design with a large cream sectional from ABC Home & Carpet. To keep with the natural vibe we decided on a thick woven sisal rug that would be a great sturdy addition to the room; easy to clean up for her toddler's play dates and able to stay fresh through considerable wear and tear. 

Pro Tip: Custom pillows are a great way to personalize a space, they aren't as costly as custom-upholstering an entire piece of furniture, but give you a "not off the rack" design that is truly your own. This is also a great place to experiment with bold fabrics and unique finishes. We had pillows custom-made from a Brooklyn textile designer through the Beatrice Upholstery workroom.
For the kitchen remodel, her contractor brought in all new cabinetry and added an island as well as a corner breakfast nook.

The custom island added functional work space as well as a good dose of extra storage, which is a must-have in any urban apartment, where storage space can come at a premium.

The island and countertops were finished in gorgeous white marble. We chose this particular finish to tie the kitchen in to the living space. Since the geometric-based coffee table in the living room (which was a steal from Wayfair) used a similar marble it created a great sense of flow. 

Pro tip: Using similar materials in various parts of an open space helps create better flow and allows the various designs to complement, versus compete, with each other.

For upholstery on the breakfast nook bench, we turned to the Beatrice Upholstery company again and made custom animal print seat cushions for the breakfast table nook, along with two overstuffed leopard print pillows to lean against during snack time.

This splash of mix n' match prints gave the corner space a dose of whimsy and fun - important when your dinners are likely to be toddlers on any given day. We kept her existing white whicker chairs and added the two round pendant lights over the island in the same shape as the white metal pendant over the dining table. 

Hannah likes to entertain and often has play dates at her house as she is a busy and social neighborhood mom. She loves her new space and her husband loved the price tag!

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