Shot Glass Appetizer Ideas For Your Next Party

by Simona Terron
Good things come in small packages. Great things come in shot glasses. Shot glasses are the perfect solution for catering to a large crowd in an elegant and convenient fashion. They can be easily used to assemble bite-sized appetizers. It's hard to go wrong with these delightful little receptacles.  

Preparing food for a large number of guests can be a daunting task. And it’s not just enough to come up with delicious dishes. You also have to figure out how to serve it, whip up a beautiful presentation, and ensure that the items are easy to eat with minimal mess.

We'd love to share some simple tips on how to use shot glasses to present the perfect appetizers for your next party!

1. Make little combinations of foods that should be consumed in a "sip and a nibble fashion," such as pumpkin soup served with a crisp piece of Melba toast.

2. Cut out the need for cutlery by decorating the finger foods with edible garnishes and the dressing, all together in the little shot glasses. For example, bacon wrapped asparagus spears dipped in some garlic aioli make for a dainty yet robust flavored snack. So do colorful crudités suspended in shot glasses half-filled with creamy ranch dressing.

3. Instead of spoons, which tend to fall or are a pain to wash later, experiment with cocktail picks that come in different colors and often with tiny, decorated heads.

4. Parfaits, trifles, and other layered desserts look adorable in tiny glasses, so go crazy pairing vividly hued fruit compotes and whipped cream, or freeze a bright smoothie with a layer of crushed nuts or seeds.

5. Have fun with the rims of the glasses by frosting them with colored salt or sugar crystals, spiced breadcrumbs, powdered cinnamon, shaved almond slivers or crushed peanuts, coconut flakes, or even sprinkles.

Whatever the mood or the occasion, remember that it’s not just what you serve at a party but more importantly, how you serve it.


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