5 Daily Hacks That Will Save You Time & Change Your Life

by Aparna Ayyar

Does it take you forever to get out of the house? Are you always running late and barely making it to work on time? Try these daily hacks to minimize stress, save time and breeze through your day.

1. To-Do List: Start your day with a to-do list. Write down details such as who you need to call, which emails need to be sent out or what bills need to be paid,even what groceries you need to buy. Strike off tasks as you finish them. You could choose to make your list the old-fashioned way with a pen and a paper or you could use your smartphone to jot things down. Several downloadable apps have made making to-do lists very simple. The fabulous thing about a list on your phone or computer is that it won’t ever get lost. Also, you can easily carry-over tasks that were unfinished by copy-pasting.

2. Grab & Go Breakfast: Everyone’s rushed, overworked and underpaid. That’s no excuse to skip your breakfast. Your body needs fuel for it to function at its best. That said, you cannot afford to spend 30 minutes making the perfect omelette, buttering your toast and cutting your fruit. Make your life easier by grabbing breakfast to go. You can easily carry a sandwich or a fruit that you can munch on while on your way to work. A breakfast smoothie is another great option. Slip in all the stuff that you should eat but don’t, and meet your nutrition goals while on the go. If you wish to sit and eat in peace, carry a packed breakfast of pre-mixed cereal with berries and nuts. Assemble it the night before to cut out all the breakfast drama.

3. Bathroom Ergonomics: In the collective time I used to spend looking for my shampoo, soap, lotion, comb and other random stuff in the bathroom, I could have easily started a small business. Over time, I realized the virtue in organizing things based on usage. If you’re not using that expensive curling cream, banish it to the back of the cabinet. Contain the chaos by only keeping things that you really need; stick to the basics. Do you really need three body washes? Also, if you have six toothbrushes and there are only two people living in your house, wake up and smell the Diogenes syndrome.

4. Organize Paperwork: All bills, brochures, documents and other forms of communication, if needed on a regular basis, should be kept in a central area like the study or side table. Maintain a system wherein you can toss all the papers that you need to look at in a tray or a basket. Things that you have seen (and need in the next week or so) can go in another tray or basket. Anything unneeded should be torn and thrown away. You know, you really don’t need nine Chinese takeout menus. Official documents that are confidential and important should be stored inside your cupboard.

5. The Night Before: Spend about 10 minutes the night before to prepare for the next day. Lay out your clothes, ensure that your phone’s charged and gather things you typically spend time looking for in the morning—like your keys, charger or your wallet.  A little preparation the night before will help you sail through the morning stress.

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