Designing A Nursery For Your Newborn

by Sumdima Rai
Congratulations! You must be on cloud nine anticipating the arrival of your little one. And the greatest welcome gift you can give your baby is a sweet nursery designed to comfort and take care of all your baby’s needs.

Here are six easy steps to guide you through setting up a cozy nursery for your baby.

1. Crib

Do not think about buying vintage or repurposing your childhood crib. This is the one place you will leave your baby alone; it’s worth the peace of mind to invest in a quality crib that complies with modern US Safety standards.

You may be thinking this is a temporary setup and not worth the expense, but you will be surprised to find that many kids sleep in their cribs for three years or more. Some cribs come with an option to convert to toddler beds and even full-size beds that you may want to look into. A toddler rail is a great option for babies who start crawling out of their cribs soon.

2.  Crib Bedding

You can have a lot of fun blending in your own style and incorporating a specific theme or color-coordinated scheme to enhance the look of the space. Look for comfortable, soft bedding that is 100 percent cotton to keep the baby’s sensitive skin happy. Most importantly, keep at least five to six crib-fitted sheets so that you have plenty at your disposal when you need one and to save time on constant laundering.

3. The Changing Table

You can say this is where the action is because with babies come dirty diapers. Changing tables come in two options: a freestanding changing table or a changing top added on top of a dresser. If you’re limited on space, a changing top is an excellent option. And the best part is that once you are over with the diaper-changing phase, you can remove the changing top and it becomes a dresser for your growing kid. Place bins near the changing table to dispose diapers and invest in plenty of extra changing pad covers.

4. Nursery Chair & Nightlight

This is your space in the nursery to snuggle into a comfortable position with your little one and feed her, rock her to sleep, and bond with her. Consider a rocking chair or a glider to help lull your baby into sleep. You can either invest in a high-quality chair or repurpose a piece from elsewhere in the house. A nightlight nearby is a great addition to assist you with late-night feedings.

5. Storage Space & Closet Organisers

Choose storage that fits your needs today and tomorrow. An open bin storage is great for blankets and gears when your baby is small and can easily transform into a toy box later as your kid grows up. Consider wall shelves near the changing table to store supplies like a thermometer, lotions and so on that need to stay out of babies’ reach. Adjustable closet organizers allow you to position shelving to suit your height and needs, and as your baby grows more independent, you can position shelving so that she can reach for her toys and clothes.

6. Decor

Now that you have your essentials in place, it’s time to put on your creative shoes and spin the place around with some decorations. A comfortable and easy-to-clean rug or carpet is a great addition for you to play around with your kid. Curtains are the most important additions since you will want your baby to sleep in the daytime too. So make sure you use a blackout shade or choose curtains with a built-in blackout liner. Then, there are so many things that you can display or put up on the walls, like cartoon and animal strips or items handed down by your family. Remember, the more effort you put towards making the nursery a happy, relaxed place, the more happy and relaxed you and your baby will be.

A nursery is not complete without incorporating props and toys that help stimulate the baby’s development. So, make sure to include some of these in the nursery.

Prop Add-Ons & Toys For Babies

Babies respond strongly to vibrant colors, so you can pick up mobiles and other decorations having contrasting shades of dark and light with clear, bold, basic shapes to stimulate the baby’s eyes.

Texture plays an important role in developing a sense of touch for the babies. So, you can have toys dangling from the crib that the baby can reach out to or give your babies stuffed animals and dolls, plastic toy animals, and toddler-friendly dollhouses and baby gyms to play with. Music can stimulate multiple senses in a baby that you can enjoy as well by placing a small stereo in the nursery to engage your baby’s attention and keep her entertained.

For the developement of motors skills in your baby, you can stock the nursery with some classic toys for learning and growing, such as blocks for finger and hand manipulation and lightweight balls for hand-eye coordination. Reading is the best way to stimulate language development in babies, so keep plenty of colorful books to read out to your baby while rocking in your comfortable nursery chair.

Prop Add-Ons & Toys For Toddlers 

Play gives children the chance to practice new skills, so including toys in the nursery that builds their logical thinking skills and problem solving is a great boost towards the development of your growing child. You can fill the shelves up with puzzles, blocks and art materials like paint, crayons, and clays.

During the third year, your child’s creativity has taken off as she is now able to take on the role of someone else (like a king) and imagine that something (like a block) is actually something else (like a castle). So, at this stage, include toys that capture and fire your kid’s imagination like toddler-friendly dollhouses and the all-purpose large cardboard box, which is always a big hit.

Also, seek out toys that encourage your child to be active like balls of different sizes, three-wheeled scooters, and pull-toys.
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