Easy-To-Make DIY Tempting Treats For St Patrick’s Day

by Simona Terron
St Patricks' Day is just around the corner! We’ve got four ideas with recipes for delish delights to brighten up your St Paddy’s Day festivities. Get the kids to help or make it a family and friends project, and don’t forget to post the pics on social media to spread the love. Read our DIY treat suggestions below.

1. Let’s Start With Beverages

Making green drinks is relatively easy – all you need is to add some green food coloring to whatever brew you’re sipping. From beer to vodka, gin or white rum, a little green makes everything taste more festive without really affecting the flavor. But if you want to go the non-alcoholic way, how about making the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake at home? The drink is only available at the outlets during this time of the year for a limited period. But you can whip this up at home whenever you want.

Watch this video to learn how to make the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake:

2. Rainbow Donuts

The leprechauns have always hidden their gold at the end of the rainbow. While no one has ever succeeded in finding these treasures, there’s no way anyone can stop you from baking up a batch of your own good fortune. To assemble these visual masterpieces, all you really need is a clean work surface where you can decorate the donuts with colored sprinkles, donut frosting and coconut flakes or shredded coconut to look like freaky fun little rainbows complete with clouds.

Start with bare donuts, cut them into half so you have perfect arcs. Cover the tops with plain frosting and immediately arrange the colored sprinkles in rows; you don’t even have to stick to the right color spectrum (VIBGYOR). Just go crazy and pick whatever colors catch your fancy and look good next to each other. Then dab a bit of frosting at the top of the ends and plop a bunch of shredded coconut to resemble fluffy clouds. There you have it, cutesy rainbow donuts for the kids and adults, alike.

3. Rainbow Bagels

These are not exactly easy to make at home, which is why Scot Rossillo, who is also known as ‘the world’s premier bagel artist’ is a very rich and famous man. His store in Brooklyn, The Bagel Store, is a must-visit and his signature rainbow bagel is on international tourists’ to-do lists. Since not everyone can hop over and pick up one (or three), why not just get your own bagel and top it with a pesto and cream cheese spread for a bit of Irish luck?

4. Two-Tone 2 Ingredient Parfaits

Sometimes we’d all like a bit of glam without absolutely any of the effort. Now how realistic is that, you ask? Well, St Paddy’s Day means miracles do happen. Like with this two-ingredient treat that is utterly Instagrammable and delish too, with a recipe from MerlotMommy.com. All you really need is lime jello and whipped cream, and a little bit of ingenuity.

Make the jello according to the instructions on the pack, and then pour it into shot glasses or kiddie juice glasses half way full. Tilt the glasses and let them rest in a muffin tray in the fridge till they set. Once they’re firm, spoon in the whipped cream and level at the top. Chill again and top with a spritz of whipped cream and a dash of green sprinkles before serving. These look incredible on a tray or gathered atop a vivid tablecloth. You can make almost anything that’s edible or potable take on a green hue if you wish to share in the St Paddy’s Day merriment. Just be safe and don’t forget to have fun with the whole family.

Images: Shutterstock.com, Merlotmommy.com & The Bagel Store's Instagram page            

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