You Must Follow Home Decor Blogger Emily Henderson

by Charlene Flanagan
Perhaps blogger is a word that doesn’t adequately describe Emily Henderson. It really doesn’t do her justice. After all, she is a noted stylist, TV personality, founder of Style By Emily Henderson, and also the author of the book Styled, a New York Times bestseller.

Well, today we invite Emily into our homes through her many helpful videos and posts for some serious spring time renovations. It's time to switch those muted winter shades for bright and happy colors, and there's no one better to show you how to do it than Ms Henderson herself. 

We : From Oregon, Emily Henderson was trained in New York before she moved to LA to pursue her passion for home decor. She spends her time designing, styling, art directing, writing, and hosting TV shows.

She is currently Target Home's Spokesperson and definitely a force to be reckoned with in the world of design and home decor.

While you can get little updates from her social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), it’s her website ( that we recommend you follow.

From design and home decor consultations, e-design options (for those not looking for the full service), the full service (where she will revamp and give your entire home a makeover) to quick-fix weekend styling tips, you’re in for a real treat when you make an appointment with Emily Henderson.

What You Can Expect

There’s no denying that Emily is a genius when it comes to reimagining a space. With an unparalleled design philosophy, Emily cannot be pigeonholed into one category—she embodies an eclectic style that is a mix of chic, bohemian, contemporary, and vintage. This reflects in her work and portfolio.

Emily’s design ideas showcase the perfect imperfections of the human; her take is that a home should look like the person that inhabits it, and not a catalogue. It should reflect your beliefs ideologies, likes and dislikes, and not just what's trending in the pages of a magazine or what you think others view as aesthetic decor.

If you, like Emily, believe that comfort comes first, and style follows a close second, you will definitely find more practical use from her videos and blog posts, as she doesn't let you compromise on functionality and features for beautiful form and construction.

Emily also features statement pieces that are worth the investment and can carry the weight of the room on their shoulders alone. 

What Everyone Will Love

Decorating one’s personal space can be exciting; however, if you are a newbie or a trend follower, it's easy to make (expensive) decor mistakes. Emily Henderson's simplistic approach will teach you how to find your personal style as she goes from modern-chic to boho to recycled and refurbished decor through her blog posts for some creative solutions.

One of our favorite videos for the season is this one right here. It shows you how to make use of your patio, terrace or backyard to set up an outdoor space that is as comfortable as the one indoors:

Images Via Facebook/Emily Henderson

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