Fast Five: Home Uses Of Leftover Citrus Peels

by Vanessa Luis

The next time you have a batch of leftover orange and lemon peels, don’t toss them away. Instead, put them to better use around your home. Here are some amazing uses of citrus peels.

1. Give Your Regular Tea A Zesty Boost: Add a few bits of dried orange or lemon peels to your tea while brewing it, to infuse it with a citrusy flavor naturally.

2. Diffuse Fresh Aromas In Your Room: Want your home to smell like summer? Add some citrus peels to a pot of simmering hot water and allow the reviving fragrance to take over.

3. Make An Indulging Treat: Eating these peels is good for health but the taste might turn out to be too bitter for some. Dip the peels in chocolate sauce for a light and healthy treat, and reap all its health benefits.

4. Zest Up Your Food: Use a zester to grate the peels of orange and lemon and sprinkle them onto your salad or smoothies for a sharp, fresh flavor. Check out this lemon-filled cake recipe or this elderberry sauce recipe that makes good use of citrus peels.

5. Neutralize Garbage Disposal Odors: Just like your garbage bin, at some point, your garbage disposal system might begin to give out a foul stench too. Simply toss some citrus peels and ice cubes into it, and turn on the cold water before switching the disposal on. The peels will help neutralize the odor and the ice with get rid of the waste inside.

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