Faux Flowers Give Office Spaces New Life

by Renee Mitson
Fake flowers have a bad reputation. Picture a bowl of fake lemons on your great-aunt’s dining room table, or that dusty freesia in a restaurant. In general, faux nature is looked down on. But it can be perfect for your home away from home: Your work desk.

While many people go real when it comes to office plants, it’s a gamble. After all, a natural disaster could keep you out of the office for more than a few days, you're likely to go on vacation (someday!), and, if you’re like me, a well-intentioned cleaning staff might break your pot, dumping wet soil all over the carpet and causing a stain that lasts forever. You know.  

Faux flowers and desk plants still serve the same purpose as the real deal: They add a pop of color to an often sterile environment, and they make your workspace feel a bit more “you.”

Here are 3 faux flower options, perfect for an office (or anywhere!):

While this doesn’t even pretend to be the real deal, this delicate paper garland is colorful and feminine, a decor style that most offices desperately need. If you’re a cube-dweller, pin this along your entrance or above a corkboard to pretty up the space. 

Photo: Anthropologie

These peonies are beautiful and the acrylic faux water is icing on the cake when it comes to pulling off a forever beautiful floral arrangement. Place these on the corner of your desk where guests congregate to help them feel welcome and inspired (and also you!). 

Photo: Wayfair


I know that everyone always says just how easy cacti and succulents are to take care of. But you know what’s even easier than taking care of a succulent? Taking care of a fake succulent! Enter this lovely glass terrarium full of beautiful but not alive plants. It’s perfect if you’re going for that “nature indoors” look but don’t want the hassle of the nature part. Photo: Target

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What's your favorite care-free plant, or another way you dress up an office environment so that it makes you feel good? Tell us in the comments.

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