Pumpkin Puree: 5 Fun Ways To Use This Halloween Ingredient

by Debolina Raja

Of course you know how to carve it and use it for Halloween—pumpkin is not just a seasonal favorite, it is loaded with vitamins, dietary fiber and stress-relieving phytoestrogens.

You probably use pumpkin for pies and casseroles, but did you know that you can use its pureed form for so much more?

Here are a few tips that will help you add delicious, healthy pumpkin puree to your regular recipes.

  1. Pumpkin Pancakes
    While making the batter for your regular pancakes, add in a bit of fresh pumpkin puree to give it a sweet fall twist. Not only will it add to the taste, it will also be more filling and healthy.
  1. Creamy Oatmeal
    Here’s how you can make your oatmeal creamier and a tad sweeter. Add a dash of pumpkin puree and top it with some maple syrup. Dare we call this—the cheat’s pumpkin pie?
  1. Pumpkin Yogurt
    Get that signature fall flavor in your yogurt mix by adding a scoop of pumpkin puree to your cup of plain yogurt. You could top it with a handful of mixed nuts. Crunchy, delicious and so filling.
  1. Pumpkin French Toast
    Yes, you can add pumpkin puree to your French toast mix too, along with a few spoons of peanut butter, to give it a delicious, rich, to-die-for flavor and texture.
  1. Pumpkin Parfait
    Make the best of the bright colors of pumpkin, by layering it up with either mashed granola, toasted nuts, yogurt, fresh fruit or all of it, to create your own Halloween special parfait.

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