The Coolest Geometric Accents For Your Home

by Jaime Stopa
This article is reposted from The Sparrows Blog, originally entitled "Geometric Accents For You and Your Home," with permission from the author.

Like a true Type-A, I want things to have order to keep me from being a scatterbrain. I have a place for everything–my keys, my purse, my shoes etc., even in my day planner, I include as minute details as when I’m going to the grocery store next. Planning things this way frees my mind from the more mundane tasks and lets my imagination run wild.

Perhaps this is why I am drawn to geometric accents – they strike a nice balance of creativity and organization. The clean, intersecting lines, simple shapes and repetition keep things from looking chaotic and at the same time, add a fun punch of art deco into your life. If you’re feeling bold, you can mix different shapes together to achieve a sharp and multi-dimensional effect.

Just like its mathematical origins, geometric patterns evoke logic and order, yet numbers and equations aside, they can also be adapted in surprisingly versatile ways. Enter an inspiring collection of geometric accents in all shapes and sizes that will help you decide if you’re feeling as crazy for geometry as I am.


Geometric Magnets set by Snug Studio


Triangle Wide Ring in Gold by Yuka


Geometrical Bamboo Laser Cut Coasters by lightpaper


Geometric Triangle Earrings Studs by Mica Peet



Varro Hexagon Glass Wall Shelf by MontibyMonti


Triangle Hair Clip by LeftbankSV


Geometric Metal Pendant Lamp by deadhedron

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