Green Living QA: How Can I Compost In An Apartment?

by Nancy Masotto

Q: What tips do you have for composting if you live in an apartment (balcony optional)?
A: There are actually many ways you can compost, even if your space and outdoor access is fairly limited. Apartment balconies can host compost bins, but you can also compost in a window box or even in a kitchen countertop container. Quite a few companies make compost bins for indoor composting and some of the most effective composting I have seen is with worm bins. Surprisingly, these are not smelly and are remarkably easy to maintain, even if you are a little squeamish about bugs. Composting101 online has a great page on worm composting to help even the new composter to get started and harvest some rich composting for container gardening or even for your houseplants.

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