5 Scentsational Health Benefits Of Fresh Flowers

by Brandon Topp

Z Living's new original series Altar’d is a show where romance meets weight loss, which makes us pretty excited to discover there are so many natural health benefits of fresh flowers, aka, earth’s most romantic plant. Discover how couples on Altar’d  take their health goals to the next level Tuesdays at 8 PM, and learn more about the show hereFind out where you can watch.

From Valentine's Day throughout springtime, tons of people are order (or receive) fresh flowers for their homes and offices. And beyond the good looks and scents — and the desire to chase winter away faster by bringing a hint of spring inside— these five surprising health benefits of flowers might persuade you to always keep a bouquet at hand, regardless what day or what time of year it is.

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1. Flowers Are Mood Enhancers.

Positivity and happiness are essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so it’s a good thing that flowers promote both of those qualities. In a study cited by Grower Direct, flowers have an immediate impact on happiness, long-term positive influence on moods, and the giving of them leads to more intimate relationships. 

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2. Flowers Improve Memory and Concentration.

Floral blog Teleflora breaks down how keeping plants (like gorgeous bouquets of flowers) indoors helps improve your memory and focus. It’s pretty simple, actually—plants oxygenate the room, which boosts brain cells and improves activity. Additionally, this piece from Ellison Chair in International Floriculture states, “Being around plants helps people concentrate in the workplace. Studies show that tasks performed while under the calming influence of nature are performed with greater accuracy, yielding a higher quality result.”

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3. Flowers Dull Life’s Natural Pains.

This study from the Department of Horticulture compared the states of well-being between patients in hospital rooms with potted plants or flowers and without them. Those who had something natural growing nearby required less pain medication, showed lower systolic blood pressure, had less anxiety and fatigue, and showed more positive psychological states. 

4. Certain Flowers Have Certain Special Health Benefits. 

Of course, not all health benefits of flowers fall under the plant’s massive umbrella of types. This piece by Health Network’s UPMC HealthBeat points out several different kinds of flowers and their attributes. Roses are used as anti-inflammatories and cough remedies. Chamomile soothes anxiety and headaches, while magnolias can treat nasal congestion and sinus headaches. 

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5. The Sight Of Fresh Flowers Can Even Cure The Early-Morning Blues!

A number of studies point to the fact that having flowers out can make mornings more positive and bearable for people. Citing a study from Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, this piece from About Flowers shows people feel a boost of energy and decrease in anxiety when being around fresh flowers to begin the day. If anything, the health benefits here are that flowers will make the morning-efforts of being healthy—ie. cooking well, exercising, organizing—far more enjoyable experiences. 

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