VIDEO: How To Avoid Burning Down Your Christmas Tree

by The Z Living Editors
Twinkling lights, a smattering of pretty candles, a roaring fireplace — these are all markers of a cozy holiday household scene, with just one problem: Sometimes, something catches on fire. Consider all the flammable things in your home each Christmas, like a pine tree with rapidly drying needles, or dozens of gifts wrapped in paper. Christmas tree fires happen about 250 times each year,  and yes, sometimes people are hurt, or even killed.

It takes a fair amount of heat from holiday lights to cause even a dried out tree to burst into flames, but what about a rogue ember from a nearby fireplace, or a candle set a tad too close? Watch the clip from Z Living's eye-opening show House Hazards, where hosts Dan Dicaire and Francesca Garigue demonstrate the risks of a Christmas tree fire in a big way, to see just how fast a merry Christmas could change to a scary Christmas. (Find out where you can to watch the show and when to tune in.)

And obviously, take pains to avoid something similar happening in your own home. If a fire does happen, use a multi-purpose (Class ABC) home fire extinguisher to dose the flames, and if they continue to spread, exit your home immediately and call for help.

Stay safe this holiday season!

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