VIDEO: A 'House Hazards' Lesson About Exploding Toilets

by Meredith Grace
Exploding toilets might sound like a comedy sketch from something called “The Dark Side of Plumbing,” but we assure you: There’s a warning to be heeded.
If you haven’t heard that over 2.3 million toilets were recalled this year alone, we suggest you pay close attention to the clip below from our show House Hazards, where hosts Dan Dicaire and Francesca Garigue demonstrate the risks of one of these bathroom bombs. (Find out where you can to watch the show and when to tune in.)

That, and it's just sheer madness to see what actually happens when a toilet explodes. Watch the video below to see for yourself:
While the TNT might be a little more bombastic than the risks of recalled toilets, it’s clear that any form of built up pressure inside the porcelain throne’s cavities could put you within at risk of flying shards.
And it’s not just toilets being recalled: Just in 2016 there have been over 8 million defective appliances recalled by major brands and retailers. These recalls affect everything from dehumidifiers, to microwaves, to washing machines, and the potential dangers should not be ignored. Earlier this year, 3.4 million dehumidifiers made by the brand Midea were recalled due to numerous cases of sparking resulting in a potentially deadly fire. More recently, Samsung recalled 2.8 million top-loading washing machines that send large machine parts flying have caused at least 9 reports of injuries, including a broken jaw and impact and fall related injuries.
So how can you stay aware of the most recent recalls that may affect your family? Keep up to date on the recalls announced by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in one or more of the following channels:
  1. The CPSC website is full of useful information about the latest product recalls and the dangers they may present.
  2. You can also subscribe to their free email list and customize it to receive emails specific to the recalls and information you’re interested in.
  3. The CPSC Twitter feed is updated live, every day to make consumers aware of the most recent recalls and product safety information.
  4. If you’re more of a visual person, the CPSC YouTube channel is loaded with informative videos and timely PSAs about product and home safety.
  5. And of House Hazards for more wild info like this!


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