7 Big Reasons Not To Miss Our Show 'House Poor'

by Monica Beyer
#1: Because You'll Learn How to Set (And Stick to!) a Strict Budget
#2: You'll Learn How to Temper Home Renovation Expectations
#3: You'll Learn How to Adjust Your Habits
#4: You'll Realize That You Can Probably Do Some DIY
#5: You'll Get to See Some Awesome Transformations
#6: You Might Get Motivated
#7: You'll Realize That You're Not Alone

Z Living's original show House Poor isn't just dramatic TV, it's a program that teaches some serious financial lessons about the home and offers up practical, real-world solutions along the way. Find out where to watch here

In each episode, you get to  meet a family experiencing financial woes at the worst possible time—when their home requires serious attention. The show features homeowners with problems that are both budget- and renovation-related (i.e., a renovation project that needed to start yesterday), and our team pairing them up with experts that provide real-world solutions.

7 Reasons To Tune Into House Poor: 

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#1: You'll Learn How To Set (And Stick To!) A Strict Budget.

House Poor focuses on a family's finances, and our financial expert and co-host Suzanne Schultz helps them explore their budget and how to make it work. If you need help in that department, she shares priceless tips that can help put an end to your money woes.

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#2: You'll Learn How To Temper Home Renovation Expectations.

When redoing your home (or any part of your home), it's tempting to open your checkbook and buy top-of-the-line everything. Contractor and co-host Frank di Leo works closely with the featured homeowners to swap out pricy amenities for less expensive options that will help them stay within their budget.

#3: You'll Learn How To Adjust Your Habits.

A major facet of the show focuses on a family's normal spending habits. It's hard to readjust typical spending, but with Schultz's financial boot camp, these families learn how to re-prioritize their finances and save money. Just think about it, if they can do it, so can you. 

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#4: You'll Discover The Beauty Of DIY.

Not everyone is an electrician or general contractor, but nearly everyone can help out with home renovation projects. If you're not handy with a saw or a screwdriver, you can probably help paint or install flooring with guidance, all of which cuts down on costs.

#5: You'll Get to See Some Awesome Transformations.

Some of these homeowners are in situations where their homes not only feature dated decor or partial demolitions, but they're often also pretty unsafe. To be able to see these homes go from yikes to absolutely gorgeous is pretty darn satisfying.

#6: You Might Get Motivated.

If you have an home update on your list, or budgetary troubles nagging at you, House Poor may motivate you to take the first step to making positive changes in your lifestyle.

#7: You'll Realize That You're Not Alone.

If you're having budget woes or a house that needs help (or both), House Poor will definitely help you feel like you're not alone. That realization alongside some effective tips on saving money and managing a household can sure go a long way. 


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