'House Poor' Premieres Tonight! Here's A Sneak Peek

by The Z Living Editors
Z Living's newest show House Poor (premiering tonight at 8pm) isn't just entertaining TV, it's a program that teaches some serious financial lessons about the home — you'll learn when to spend, when to save, and how to make the most of a tough financial situation.

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In each episode, you'll meet a family experiencing financial woes at the worst possible time: when their home requires serious attention. The show features homeowners with problems that are both budget- and renovation-related (i.e., a renovation project that needed to start yesterday), pairing them up with experts that provide real-world solutions.

House Poor premieres October 18 at 8pm. Find out where to watch here

Watch the clip below to learn more about the show:


WATCH on Z Living: House Poor, which tackles homeowners with a large house debt and finds practical ways to help ease the burden. See a sneak peek here.

Tell us in the comments: Have you ever found yourself in a "house poor" situation?

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