Trending Fruit: How To Create a Pineapple Motif

by Jaime Stopa

This post is a reprint and originally appeared in Jaime Stopa's Sparrows Blog.

I love the sweet taste of a fresh pineapple and seeing one always reminds me of my favorite place on earth, Hawaii. Perhaps this is what inspired my adoration of pineapples, so much so that I went and got inked with one the last time I vacationed in that tropical paradise. 

MOTO Pineapple Print Joni

There is something really quirky and friendly about the pineapple motif–it seems to say: I don’t take things too seriously, plus pineapples are a symbol of hospitality. This trending fruit can add a splash of fun (or yum) to your life in many ways, here are just some ideas of how to create a pineapple motif.
                    Greg Kinsella Grasscloth Wallpaper

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