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by The Z Living Editors
Tune in to new episodes of our show Kim’s Rude Awakenings every Tuesday at 8 pm on Z Living, where you’ll meet Britain’s biggest housekeeping celebrity, Kim Woodburn. Laugh along as she attempts to overhaul the rudest, laziest, and messiest families in the UK. 

Find out where to watch Kim’s Rude Awakenings on Z Living on your cable TV provider. And watch a preview below:

Meet the families in need of a major lifestyle rehaul from Kim, below:
Meet The Medinas
In the karaoke-loving Medina household, Mom does all the work… And then complains that no one ever helps out. Can Kim and Mike teach her brood some life skills? And can they get the Medinas to think as a team?

Meet The Ta's    
In the Ta family household, Dad is fighting a losing battle to keep the place clean, and now they’re all stressed out about the terrible mess…  And the bugs! Kim and Mike promise to intervene. But can they get everyone on board?

Meet The Gaboury Family    
The Gaboury household is filled with hockey equipment and the signature smell that goes with it. Can Kim and Mike turn chaos into order?  And can they motivate the family to clean up their act for good?

Meet The Becks
With five kids, a small house, and a jam-packed schedule, the Beck family is drowning in chaos. Kim and Mike vow to save the family from themselves, but can they conquer their bad habits? And can they convince the entire family to get on board?

Meet The Byrnes    
Too much junk and not enough cleaning have turned the Byrne family home into a madhouse. There’s clutter everywhere, the bedrooms are a mess, the refrigerator is overflowing... Kim and Mike are determined to change the family’s packrat ways.

Meet The Morgan Mackenzies
In the Morgan Mackenzie household, loads of stuff comes in, but nothing ever goes out. Kim and Mike vow to rescue the family, but can they convince them to let go? And is this family truly ready to clean up their act?

Meet The Nickeles  
The Nickeles are retired parents whose lazy, overgrown sons have turned their home into a disaster zone.  Kim and Mike promise to change the family’s ways for good, but can they get them to work together?


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