VIDEO: Could You Live A Nomadic Life Like This Couple From 'Conquered'?

by The Z Living Editors

Could you leave the modern world behind to live a nomadic lifestyle, moving around from place to place — yet still feel fulfilled? 

Mark Christy and Nives Riddle decided to do just that at age 30, leaving behind the daily grind to pursue their dream of seeing the world. Their story is featured on our inspiring new series POPSUGAR Presents: ConqueredCheck here for more about the show and sneak peeks, and find out where you can tune in.

Watch the video above to see a short clip of Conquered featuring Mark and Nives.

Here's What This Couple Gave Up To Travel:

Mark tossed aside a decade of experience as a creative director for commercial productions and his wife, Nives, a makeup artist, left her high­-paying job in the fashion industry. The couple sold or donated nearly all their possessions.

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Why (And How) Would You Do This? 

Bottom line, the two were sick of spending more time in the office rather than the great outdoors , something they both felt passionate about. They spent two months building a camper atop an ex­-military trailer to call their new mobile home. It's now a tiny house and solar trailer rolled into one.

"A lot of people don't start doing a bunch of consistent, long­term traveling until they retire because they can't with their work schedules,"says Mark. "We want to be able to do this stuff while we're still young enough to be active and explore places. At the same time, we realize we worked our asses off in our 20s, made a ton of money, and that money went right out the door on stuff that was fun but not really what we wanted to do in life."

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Here's What Their New Lives Look Like:

The pair typically set up camp for a couple weeks at a single location, surrounded by gorgeous views of nature as they cook and sleep out of their tiny camper. And by the way, they do still work...and they're not too far off the grid either. They've begun making money from their website Camp Trend, where they profile long­term camping enthusiasts, write reviews of camping apparel and gear, and show off original photos of the outdoor lifestyle.

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So Is This Social Experiment Working? 

Watch Conquered to learn more, and see the details of Mark and Nives lives, kitted out camper, and days spent on the road. Check here for more about the show and sneak peeks, and find out where you can tune in.

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