Outdoor Rugs That Look Great In Indoor Spaces

by Renee Mitson
Outdoor rugs have been, ahem, swept under the rug, for far too long. But seriously, why have we been banishing outdoor rugs to patios and porches when they serve their purpose, and more, permanently inside your home?

Why choose outdoor rugs? First of all, outdoor rugs don’t pill. They are durable. They can endure a wine stain (or three). They make for satisfying scratching if you have a feline in your abode, without any of the damage or ruined carpet worries. They are also easy to vacuum and if they ever get really dirty, you can take them outside and hose them down. Then let them air dry in the sun. 

If you’re a fan of low-pile rugs, they are an easy transition. Outdoor rugs also add texture to a floor and prevent your coffee table from nicking your hardwoods or laminate floors. While it’s unconventional to layer rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpeting, it can be done and certainly worth considering in a high traffic area or to add and interesting visual to a prime social location in your living room. 

Here are some great (and affordable) outdoor rug options that would make a perfect addition to your indoor decor:

Reid Orange Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, from $23

Image Credit: Wayfair
This is a fun color with a traditional pattern. The creamsicle orange is great for adding color to light flooring such as bamboo or white oak or to brighten up mahogany. 

Blue Batik Outdoor Rug - Threshold™, from $18

Image Credit: Target

This rug is a perfect option for someone who wants the durability of an outdoor or patio rug with the look of an indoor rug. The blue pattern has the feel of a traditional rug, while being super thin, durable, and affordable. 

Hampton Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, from from $26

Image Credit: Wayfair


Like the picture shows, this rug has a New England feel and is great for a place where people will be dining or gathering around a table. While you might not think a rug would be practical anywhere near food, outdoor rugs are easy to wipe clean. It also prevents chairs from squeaking on the floor and encourages guests to pick up their chairs when tucking them in and out from under the table. 

OSTED, $49.99

Image Credit: Ikea USA

This option is perfect if you are actually looking for something with low contrast and want to keep a minimalist look and feel. For instance, you might have light wood floors and want a textile in the seating area (which can feel bare without one) but having a busy rug would ruin your whole Scandinavian feel. 

Surprising no one, the Scandinavian retailer already has a solution. Use this rug to ground a space, and provide a texture around the couch and coffee table without an overly decorated design. 

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