Join The Posh Pescatarian 10-Day Challenge!

by Z Living Gal
pescatarianWe've been following show host of The Posh Pescatarian Stephanie Harris-Uyidi as she travels the globe creating fabulous seafood recipes using the freshest local ingredients. We were so inspired by her culinary travel adventures here at the Z Living Headquarters, that we took matters into our own hands and gave her exciting life a try by going pescatarian for 14 days. Here's what happened when we did that...

Now, it's your turn! Challenge yourself to live the Posh Pescatarian lifestyle for 10 days. To participate in our challenge, here's what you do:
  • Download the Meal Planning Guide for a chance to receive a complimentary copy of Stephanie's Stephanie's cookbook, which you can read about here.
  • Check out these recipes and side dishes, straight from Stephanie's cookbook and her website
  • Make your seafood dishes at home and share your culinary creations on Facebook with the hashtag #Posh10DayChallenge and #ZLiving. We will post your creations on our website later this week.
  • Check in to every day this week. We'll be delivering you new recipes, side dishes, breakfast ideas, and wine pairings throughout the week.
  • Ask Stephanie your pressing questions on her Facebook page. She'll be answering whatever questions you have later this week! 
  • Finish the journey with the season finale of The Posh Pescatarian at 9 PM on June 13.
  • If you're a food lover like us, then you'll love many of our other food shows, which you can learn about here.

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