Record Players Under $200 To Soothe Your Ears

by Renee Mitson
Admit it, you’ve dreamt about casually pulling out your favorite record, dropping the needle, and shimmying around your apartment with a glass of bold red. There’s peaceful about the crackle of a spinning record, especially in a world that's so digital. We don’t even buy CD’s anymore!

Novices can find buying a record player intimidating, especially if they need to spend a fortune to test the waters. Here, we've collected some affordable, quality and easy-to-use record players. 

Here are a couple fantastic options for under $200:

Crosley X UO AV Room Palm Portable USB Vinyl Record Player, $169

Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

This cute little device is stylish and useful. Quality sound and a small, portable build make it attractive to new buyers. An added bonus, you can rip vinyl-only listening into an MP3 and take your favorite tracks on the run with your iPhone. Add in the palm-leaf design, and you’ve got yourself a sweet deal.

Crosley Messenger Portable Vinyl Record Player, $99

Image Credit: Best Buy

Granted, this probably isn’t the cutest option, but that can be fixed. Put it into a stylish box, or get creative with Washii tape, and you’re in control. The Messenger does offer bluetooth, so you get an all-in-one music station. You can play records on a portable speaker, music from your phone through the record player's speakers and stream vinyl through the speakers of your smart TV. 

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