6 Vegetarian Mains That Will Be The Star Of Your Thanksgiving Table

by Simona Terron

You may be vegetarian for many reasons; you were either raised that way or made a choice at some point, either out of love for animals, an aversion to animal protein, or for health reasons. But with eschewing meat comes certain difficulties, especially in social situations, and Thanksgiving is certainly no exception. Traditionally a time to gather around the table with friends and family, mealtimes can be a bit awkward when you decline to eat the big roast turkey adorning the center of the table.

But we’re here to help. Instead of skipping out on the meal altogether, simply ensure these delicious vegetarian mains are also on the table, so you can all dig in and dine together. And if you’re starting a new tradition in your home and replacing the bird altogether, these vegetarian dishes are sure to be a welcome change.

  1. Vegetable Galette: This French-origin dish is nothing but a form of crusty cake-like fanciness made in a rustic style and looks a bit like a handmade pizza. Put whatever veg you like in the center, grate some hard or semi-soft cheese and add your fave sauce before you fold over the edges slightly and bake the whole thing.
  2. Creamy Ginger Cauliflower: The gooey goodness of creamy sauce with the health benefits of cauliflower means your main meal can be tasty and nutritious at the same time. Tastes great straight out of the oven (don’t burn your mouth) and even later in the evening as a snack best enjoyed with a cuppa. After all, what is a Thanksgiving meal without leftovers?
  3. Mediterranean Farro With Pearl Onions & Green Peppercorns: This main serves as the center of attention on the table, thanks to its bright colors from the various ingredients. As a bonus, it also works great with other dishes and sides, and can be eaten on its own or doused in some healthy gravy or delicious sauces.
  4. Lovely Lentil Loaf: There’s always bread featured on the table, but never as the star. Change all that with this super-healthy loaf that can handle being the highlight of the meal and also happily pair with other dishes that are more moisture-rich.
  5. Baked Lentils & Rice Casserole: Slow cooking is a boon around the holidays when there seem to be a hundred things to do and precious little time. But instead of a 10-pound turkey sitting in the oven for hours, just pop in this simple but satisfying soul food, which will be ready in a mere 90 minutes.
  6. Ginger, Coconut Milk, Sweet Potato & Kale Gratin: No Thanksgiving meal is complete without sweet potatoes. And they feature in this simple, one-pot, satisfying, and nutritious recipe, which also houses a fair bit of the superfood kale, the healing herb ginger, and the powerhouse spice cumin. All together, they make for one helluva celebration dish. We almost feel bad for the meat eaters who are missing out on this incredible feast.

Image: Shutterstock

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