Sophisticated Stuffed Animals For The Adult In You

by Renee Mitson
Stuffed animals, plushies, stuffies, teddies, whatever you call them - they aren’t just for kids anymore. We live in the world of shabby chic, and adorkable. If Zoey Deschanel can rock a lot of polka dots, you are more than able to add a dose of nostalgia to your living room in the form of a stuffed pal. 

Stuffed animal accessories can make a room a bit more “lived in,” bring a bit of authenticity to a workplace, or even make a mostly Ikea living room feel a bit more friendly. Here are some of my favorite stuffies to jazz up a cookie cutter living space:

Maileg Mega Maxi Rabbits, $98

Image Credit: My Sweet Muffin

These little guys practically demand shelf space. This Maxi Rabbit is over thirty-nine inches tall and therefore perfect to occupy a usually empty chair or stool, recline next to a record collection, or adorn the top of a crispy duvet-covered bed. 

Jonathon Adler Leather Dachshund, $850

Image Credit: Jonathon Adler 

Yes, these are a bit pricey. But they are also fantastic! Also, they are large enough to act as footstools, so when you really think about it you are getting two furnishings in one! Plus these leather stuffies are all handmade with hand-dyed leather. No two are alike, and they will wear and burnish over time like your favorite calfskin purse. Bonus points if this little weenies belly droops to the ground. 

Madeline Stuffed Doll, $37

Image Credit: Amazon

Everyone knows that Madeline is more than just a doll - she’s a modern icon! Fearless, adventurous, friendly, and kind, she’s a constant reminder of who we all aspire to be. Tuck this sixteen inch doll on a shelf or by your bed, and let her zest for life inspire you. She even has her original appendix scar!

And so what if you happen to snuggle with one of these adorable little bits of decor every once in awhile as you binge watch the latest season of Kimmy Schmidt? Find your bliss, we won't tell. 

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