Summer Hacks To Keep Your Home Cool

by Shruti Shukla

It's summertime and the heat is on. Soaring temperatures outside can capture hot air inside your house (especially if it’s not well-ventilated) and make life unbearable. So if you’re not relying on fans and air conditioners this summer and want to keep your hot home cool, follow these hacks to chill and summer-proof your space without denting your wallet.

  1. Open The Windows After Sunset: In order to avoid the heatwave, keep your windows closed during the day. As the sun goes down, the temperature will drop and become more pleasant. So open your windows in the evening and allow the air flow through your house. This will improve ventilation and create an atmosphere for a good night’s sleep.

  2. Use Water Spray: Spray water on the walls and the roof to keep the surface cool. This also promotes a pleasant, cool breeze if the air flow in the house is good.

  3. Cut Down On Appliance Usage: Minimize the use of appliances like ovens, incandescent light bulbs and stove tops, because they emit a good amount of heat. And add-in a few no cook meals to help you enjoy your summer even more.

  4. Paint Your Roof White: The color white helps by reflecting any sunlight that falls on it. This trick in turn, will keep your home relatively cooler from top of your home to the bottom.

  5. Go For Lighter Shades: Drawing curtains is an effective way to block the heat that lives outside your house. Choose lighter shades, as they’ll absorb less heat. Wearing light colored clothing and choosing ligher colors for your bedding also have a similar effect.

  6. Avoid Fridge Gazing: If you find yourself spending too much time scanning the items in your refrigerator, then it's time to stop and be wise about your usage. While it may seem to have a momentary cooling effect, it actually does more harm than good. Refrigerators are set to maintain a certain temperature. But when the door is kept open for a long time, the fridge's motor has to work harder to maintain that temperature. And in doing so, it generates more heat. Best tip:  Decide what you want to eat or drink before you head to the kitchen.

Ready to have the best summer ever? Read on!

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What's the best way you keep your home (or yourself!) comfortably cool when the thermostat spikes? Let us know in the comments section.

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