Get In Touch With Where Your Food Comes From

by Ajableu Oldham
This month at Z Living, we're taking you out of the supermarket and onto the family farm. We're giving you first-hand access to farmer's lives, indulging in a bit of farm-to-table cooking, and showing you how to get your hands dirty in your home garden. You'll be feeding your family local, fresh ingredients all year long, so check in to Z daily for our fresh finds.

Health And Wellness Truly Begins With What You Eat

As illustrator Dani Katz artfully demonstrates in her recent post "Love Yourself," self-love begins with embracing your body and working with what you've got.

For me, this year, I've discovered that eating local, organic produce is the cornerstone of self-care. In the times that I've felt stuck, I've turned to food as an authentic way to heal, unwind, and become grounded.

Have You Ever Tasted A Real Tomato?

I'm talking an organic, beefy tomato that is authentically bruised and has bumpy ridges like a small, tender pumpkin.

I experienced my first real tomato earlier this year, after a visit to my local farmer's market in Los Angeles. Yin, a family tomato farmer, stood nestled between an organic almond kiosk and the olive stand. She was offering free tomato  samples from her cardboard boxes, which were filled with tomatoes of a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

When I brought the tomato wedge to my lips and tasted its savory, earthy taste, I put the tooth pick down and nearly dropped to my knees. NEVER had I experienced a tomato that was so rich and succulent and juicy.

Those tomatoes turned me into a culinary goddess (trust me, a real feat). Every Sunday, I bolted straight to Yin's kiosk and snatched up eight or nine plump ones, which I'd whip up in my blender to craft the most delicious, chilling V8 juice of my life. I impressed my friends with homecrafted spring savory tomato soup. I nibbled on slow-roasted cherry tomatoes by the poolside as the weather warmed .

And then, one fateful Sunday in June, I strolled to the little corner where Yin always sells her tomatoes and - she wasn't there...

"Yin's out of season and won't be back for another year," said the man selling olives.

I gasped. Out of season? 

I dragged my feet home, crestfallen. Tomato-less. 

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