Working From Home? 5 Creative Ways To Stylize Your Desk

by Vanessa Luis

Is your work space at home a simple spare room with a chair, table, a few scattered files and an idea board? Well, then it’s time to make it a tad more interesting, and create a motivating environment. Here’s how you could stylize your home office:

1. Bring In The Essentials: Unfortunately, the sole chair and table won’t be enough to accommodate all your work-based belongings. You will need a sturdy shelf or two, and a cabinet to organize all your equipment and files. A neat and well-kept work space will help de-clutter your mind, and boost your creativity. For a compact, one-in-all kind of furniture, consider an armoire-style compact study table.

2. Quirk It Up: A traditional office-like décor can be quite boring; give it a quirky feel by adding fun elements to the space. Look out for interesting photo frames, a table lamp, a flower pot, cute knickknacks, or a vintage wicker basket under your table to stow files and papers.

3. Keep It Well-Lit: Set up your workstation close to a window, so that you have access to natural light. Sunlight can boost your concentration level, and keep you more energetic than when you lock yourself up in a dark room. This can also help cut down on the electricity bill. Whether morning or evening, ensure you work in a well-lit space.

4. Add Some Color: Bright shades are cheerful and welcoming. Adding color to your work space will influence your quality of work. According to the Researchers at Columbia University, blue, in particular, can boost creativity and productivity by creating a calm, serene atmosphere. Color therapy also states that various other colors can influence the way you think and perform.

5. Give It A Personal Touch: Most importantly, plan your décor, keeping your personality in mind. Whether you like pop colors or a bohemian look, your personal touch will ensure you feel completely relaxed at your home office. That’s what sets it apart from a traditional office, after all.

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