Wow Your Guests With These Bite-Sized Desserts: 12 No-Fail Recipes

by Simona Terron

The party is winding down and everyone’s relaxed thanks to heavily spiked eggnog and cocktails, delicious food or more likely, a deadly combination of all of those. You killed it with our recommendations for bite-sized appetizers so you could make merry without the mess, stress or fuss. And we know your guests are thanking their stars for your culinary skills. But by now, everyone’s craving a bit of sweetness on their palates. This is clearly a good time to bring out some gorgeous little treats perfectly designed to pop into their greedy mouths.

Lucky for you, we have not one but three lists for you to choose from:

Love & These 5 Spherical Delights Make The World Go Round

  1. Almond Butter Balls: These gluten-free babies are made using almond butter, syrup and cereal made from brown rice, and dried raisins with finely chopped roasted almonds. Simple to put together, they take barely a few minutes to make and just 30 minutes in the fridge before they’re ready to serve.
  2. Spanish Peanut Popcorn Balls: Everyone loves popcorn but wait till they try this version. You can make them using lightly air-popped corn, agave nectar for some sweetness and a lot of peanuts as the three main ingredients. They take a little longer to make compared to the Almond Butter Balls, but they’re a surefire hit.
  3. Coconut Date Truffles: Decadent in taste but really light on the system since they’re made from just dried deseeded dates, roasted pecans and shredded coconut. They just need to be blended separately and then mixed together before being rolled into balls. A couple of hours in the fridge and they’re set.
  4. Fudge It Ball Truffles: These are not your usual truffles with their fattening and sugar-loaded cloying sweetness. Instead, these healthy fellas are made from unsweetened coconut, raw carob powder, and raw tahini or sesame seed paste. Vanilla, stevia, cinnamon and agave carry out their individual tasks of sweetening and flavoring the truffles with equal panache.
  5. Cherry Bombs: This no-cook recipe involves simply taking fruit (pitted, fresh organic cherries) and nuts (Brazil nuts but you can use whichever kind you like), and adding fat and sugar. Before you skip to the next item on our list, hear us out. We’re referring to the healthy fats from coconut cream butter and the sweetness of dark agave nectar and stevia. These angelic little bombs have a delicious slight hint of bitterness thanks to the carob chips and unsweetened cocoa powder.

Let’s Get Nice & Baked With These 4 Healthy Indulgences

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies On A Stick: Not exactly your ordinary cookies, making them can be as addictive as eating them. They use gluten-free flour as the base and all kinds of healthy substitutes to help them trump the taste of store-bought cookies. Himalayan salt and xanthan gum give them a nice twist too, but nothing can top the cuteness factor of serving them on a stick. Expect a lot of delighted squeals and smiles, even from the grown-ups.
  2. Mini Maca Chocolate Cupcakes: Before you turn up your nose at what you think are just miniaturized regular cupcakes, read the ingredients list. Brown rice flour, quinoa, bananas, ground chia seeds, and coconut sugar, all feature prominently in this recipe. The frosting boasts of items like almond butter, maca powder, coconut sugar and coconut milk. So yeah, chocolatey richness without any actual chocolate? I’m up for that!
  3. Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffins: Superfoods have been making their presence felt throughout the year so why stop now? Amaranth is high in fiber, protein and magnesium, all of which are essential to our wellbeing. These mini-muffins contain mostly this ancient grain coupled with brown rice flour, and then we went and added chocolate chips; so now they’re gluten-free with attitude.
  4. Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cupcakes With Goat Cheese Icing: Say a loud NO to artificial food coloring and make these striking cupcakes with beets. Almond flour gives them a satisfying nutty flavor while making them totally gluten-free. The goat cheese frosting will boost your protein intake even while your eyes roll back in your head as you savor their goodness.

Must-Serve These 3 Pretty Looking & Healthy, Food Porn Confections

  1. Chocolate & Cheese Stuffed Strawberries: Some of us accept our weaknesses, others celebrate them shamelessly. We’d like to think there is more of the latter kind in the world. How else would you explain the undying popularity of these gorgeous desserts? Stuffed with semi-sweet chocolate chips and ricotta cheese, they may not be as naughty as you imagine, but then who said good girls/guys don’t have all the fun?
  2. Cranberry Trifle: Making individual portions is easy but then people tend to just pop and never stop. This usually means you have to make a huge amount of whatever you’re serving. Unless you have miniature portion-sized glasses, where you simply layer visually stunning and tasty ingredients and serve. This trifle is super pretty to look at and even tastier to dig into.
  3. Lemon Berry Tarts: And if you don’t want to be stuck doing the washing up, just serve yumminess in little edible cases like these tarts. They look great, don’t need any baking at all and are also gluten-free thanks to the crust being made from just fruit and nuts. Make extra unless you want guests wandering into the kitchen looking for more.

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