Here's What's New On Z Living This July

by The Z Living Editors

July marks sultry hot weather, family cookouts, music concerts, pool parties, vacations, and lazy days spent sprawled on the beach. And since you'll be living your best life this month, we're excited to introduce four new shows that will help you do even more of that. From cheerful morning fitness classes to family cooking challenges and hilarious lifestyle interventions, these shows will inspire you to take action.

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Here's What's New On Z Living:

Class FitSugar

ClassFit Sugar

Join Anna Renderer, host of our new show Class FitSugar, which premieres July 5th and airs weekdays at 5pmYou'll adore Anna's bright smile and encouraging demeanor as she helps you sculpt the bikini body yof your dreams. Stay fit with efficient summer at home workouts from the comfort of your living room. With routines from top celebrity trainers, Class FitSugar is ideal for beginners and experienced fitness addicts alike. Watch a sneak peek here.

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Family Food Challenge 

In Family Food Challenge, which premieres July 11th, and airs Mondays at 9pm,  two families and a gourmet chef compete to make healthy, cheap, and delicious meals. Celebrity chefs help families let go of their unhealthy eating habits by teaching them to make foods that are quick, easy, and tasty. You'll discover how to make delicious food that's equally hearty, nutritious, and will give you energy to dance away your summer nights. You'll be inspired to host your own home's family food challenge! Watch a sneak peek here.

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Change The Day You Die

Would you change the way you live your life if you knew the day you were going to die? In Change The Day You Diewhich premieres 7/5, and airs Tuesdays at 9pm, you'll meet people whose dangerous lifestyle habits are going under an expert's microscope. Participants on the show are dangerously obese. These folks are drinkers, smokers, or are living a life that requires an urgent examination — fast. Life coach Patricia Mitchell and Dr. Adam Carey intervene to show women and men just like you how their habits are shortening their lifespans. Every episode offers practical advice that will ultimately help you (as well as the featured participants) live happier, healthier, lengthier lives. Watch a sneak peek here

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Kim's Rude Awakenings

On Kim's Rude Awakenings, which premieres July 12, and airs Tuesdays at 8pm, you'll meet Kim Woodburn, Britain's shrewdest cleaner and lifestyle expert. Kim's life work? She travels the globe to identify and rehabilitate some of the world's messy families. For some of these families, bills, laundry, and boxes have been piling up for years! You'll laugh out loud as Kim lashes direction and order from the chaos of dirty kitchens, filthy living rooms, and untamed backyards. She'll give you the skills you need to create a bit of peace and organization into your own home. Watch a sneak peek here.

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