How A Former Stray Dog Became A Famous Foodie

by Nicole Gibbs

Oscar is a former stray dog turned famous foodie, and his transcendent journey started at age four, starving on the streets of Los Angeles, when a woman named Ivy Diep found and saved him. "He was such a mess—super skinny, heavily matted, and dirty," she said in this story by The Dodo. This classic adoption soon grew into a trending relationship, poised to inspire countless likes and comments. 

She told  Woman’s Day, "[My friend] Jen and I liked to go on what we call 'Instagram dates' and take photos of our food. I'd bring Popeye any time I could, and we realized he was really good around food.” She continued, “He doesn't lunge for food or really even care for it. He just liked to be out." This easy companionship and accessible cuteness made Popeye the perfect model for Ivy and Jen’s IG-lunches. 

Now,, three years later, Popeye is a considered a famous foodie with a following of over 100,000 Instagram followers. His account documents daily food adventures at restaurants around Los Angeles.  

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He enjoys a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from sushi…

To Mexican food…

To Singaporean food…

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He even made the local news when he ordered up some “Animal Style” fries from In ‘n Out last week.

While Popeye doesn’t get to eat all of the food he is pictured with, his parents do feed him bites of anything that is safe. His mom also brings him special dog treats for his great behavior on these social media-inspired excursions. 

Popeye is definitely a story of rags to riches. The adorable pooch now has a full belly, loving parents, a warm bed to sleep in, and a wardrobe to die for. And for Diep, his partner-in-crime, another inspiring story how saving an animal can change one’s life, and their feed. 

Do you have a great dog-rescue story? Share it with us!

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