15 Of The Cleverest & Cutest Pet Halloween Costumes

by Nicole Gibbs
Just Call Him 'Chew-BARKA'
The Pope...And Her Angelic (Yet Bloody Teared) Owner
A Wiener Dog, Dressed As A Wiener
Oy, It's Harry Potter!
Bigger-Than-The-Average Caterpillar
Live Long & Prosper, Mr. Spock
Call Me BatCat
BTW, Who Says Fish Can't Get in One The Halloween Fun?
It's TacoKitten!
The Classic Witch Costume
Buddies! Obi-Wan and Leia
80s Flashback: It's Alf!
The Perfect Pinata Pet!
Skate Or Die!

Costumes aren’t just for kids (or even adults) anymore. And there’s nothing we like more than to dress up our BFF’s: Our dogs, cats, and other pets. Halloween is the one time we can get away with it without everyone looking at us like we're crazy pet owners. As always, Instagram is the place to find the best costume ideas for your pet, so we've done the hard work of combing through the app for some of the most "aww"-inspiring images. Click through our slideshow above to see some of the coolest, cutest, and cleverest pet costumes ever.

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Tell us in the comments: What wil your pet dress up as for Halloween?

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