California’s Most Famous Dog Home From Surgery

by Nicole Gibbs

California Governor Jerry Brown and his wife Anne Gust Brown are happy to have their beloved pet, famously known as ‘California’s First Dog,’ Sutter back home after an emergency surgery. The 13-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi had masses removed from his liver, intestines and lymph nodes.

Sutter was recently diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer that has spread to multiple parts of his body. The vets were not able to remove all of it and he remains in serious condition. While we all hope the best, his perseverance and the time allotted with this latest successful surgery has brought major cheer and a silver linings to his many friends and fans.      

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Sutter is a well-known figure around the capitol. He helped to promote Governor Brown’s tax increases and then appeared on cards reminding lawmakers to “keep new spending on a short leash.” He’s even signed (pawed) bills! Brown’s continued inclusion of the pooch in his political doings eventually lead to its nickname as ‘California’s First Dog’ and ‘California’s Therapy Dog-in-Chief.’ 

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Sutter is now home, where he most comfortable and happy—with his sister, surrounded by the love of his family. He is currently doing well and a press release from the Governor's office says that he will be back to work this week. 

Outpourings of love and support have come from California political figures and friends. Gil Duran, a former Brown Aide tweeted “During the darkest days of the budget crisis, Sutter symbolized the pluck, optimism and humor of the Brown Administration.”

Jennifer Fearing, a lobbyist who served as Sutter’s dog sitter when the family was out of town says in this SacBee piece, “People who are in this otherwise cynical, hard business, they have a soft spot. There’s a need for that kind of human outlet. He’s had a humanizing impact on the Capitol.”

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