“Sheep-Turtle” Cat Rescued To Find Internet Fame

by Nancy Dunham

Beauty and attitude are both in the eye of the beholder, especially so in the case of a recent Devonshire Rex cat rescue. 

Romey is a somewhat bizarre looking cat with a naked neck, grey body fur that’s sharply curled, and striking lime-rickey eyes. He’s been described by many as looking like a hybrid animal that’s part sheep, and part turtle. 

Once a foster cat, his owners gave him away recently to an owner identified online only as Elisabeth. They warned her, according to Catster, that he was  “very, very unfriendly.” 

Elisabeth told Catster in the same piece, “The second we sat down to meet him, he waddled over and began to paw at me while purring — it was love at first sight!”

Elisabeth went on to tell Catster, that the eleven-year-old Romey continued to disprove his previous owners’ harsh sentiments, and took to her and her boyfriend’s home immediately. Paired partially due to Romey’s hypoallergenic makeup, and Elisabeth’s boo’s allergies, the friendly sneeze-free family became a match made in heaven. 

Once happy and settled, Elisabeth took her special cat to the one place where such unique creatures flourish—Instagram. HussyCats is an account, with an accompanying blog, that chronicles the adorable adventures of this zany feline, and his adorable rivalry with the house bunny Benny.


Some recent pictures hit big with holiday themes, sparking a wave of attention surrounding Romey. Popular blogs like Catster and Kittentoob have run his story, and images of him donning Santa hats and New Year’s party hats have helped his following grow to nearly 40,000 people.


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