These Cute Pups On Instagram Will Brighten Your Day

by Sumdima Rai
Do you know the quickest trick to get over a bad day? I do. Just sit back and open up these cute dog Instagram accounts. I bet you will forget all your troubles after looking at these ridiculously adorable dogs. No wonder dogs are called a man’s best friend! Here’s the cutest bunch for your viewing pleasure.

1. Manny-The Frenchie

While the whole world is debating over which superhero to support, this fellow seems to have no problem choosing Batman over Superman in the film Batman v Superman. He calls himself “BatManny!” Keep up with his adventures by checking out his Instagram account.

2. Dagger

Don’t you want to just cuddle him and bury your face in his soft fur? Dagger is more than happy to strike some cute poses so that he can emotionally blackmail you into sending him some treats. Even his bio reads: “Please send treats.” (Awww)

3. Trotterpup

What sense of style, don’t you agree? And trust me, this is not it. You will be thoroughly entertained watching Trotterpup turn his sassy side on with his unique styles poised for the camera.

4. Tunametlsmyheart

I could really feel my heart melting when I laid my eyes on Tuna. I’m sure it’s happening to you too. Tuna was rescued from a Farmer’s Market in LA when he was just 4 months old and is now a voice for animal rescue. His photos will tug at your heart and remind you how beautiful this life is.

5. Marutaro

Doesn’t he look like a furball? Rightly so, because his name ‘Maru’ in Japanese means ‘round.’ Time magazine has even written a story on him contesting he is the best dog in the world. Take a look inside his world and judge for yourself.

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