Here's More Cute Dogs Than You Can Handle For National Puppy Day

by The Z Living Editors
Meet Tundra, A 7-Month-Old Siberian Husky Mix
Meet Boomer, A 2-Year-Old Australian Cattle Dog
Meet Luna, A 1-Year-Old Spaniel/Papillon Mix
Meet Double Bubble, A 1- 2-Year-Old Poodle Mix
Meet Oreo, A German Shorthair Pointer
Meet Snowcone, A 1-1.5-year-old Chihuahua Mix
Meet Jelly, A 2-Year-Old Terrier Mix
Meet Sunshine, A 9-Year-Old Lab/Shepherd Mix
Meet Tuffy, An 8-Year-Old Cocker Spaniel
Meet Blackjack, A 4-Year-Old Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Meet Scottie, A 4-Year-Old Scottish Terrier Mix
Meet Buddy, A 6-Year-Old Dachshund Mix
Meet Gracie, A 1-Year-Old Minature Dachshund
Watch 'Finding Fido' On Z Living!

Let's get one thing straight: We love puppies.

Heck, everyone loves puppies (even if they don't admit it!) That's what makes National Puppy Day pretty much the greatest calendar days ever: it's literally an excuse to coo over hundreds of puppy photo galleries, to share the cutest/funniest/wildest dog videos ever uploaded online, and to generally go puppy-crazy all day long without getting some serious side eye from a coworker or friend.

Since launch of our popular new TV series Finding Fido, we're involved with a lot of really, really cute dogs. Check out our slideshow above to see behind-the-scenes snapshots of some of the cutest ones!

If you haven't yet watched Finding Fido, it's all about matchmaking — a dog-meets-human "tail" of love, pairing up people with shelter dogs looking for homes. In each episode, dog-loving host Seth Casteel introduces would-be owners to three rescue dogs looking for a perfect match. 

Learn more about the show and when it watch it here, plus find out where you can watch the show, and check out our behind-the-scenes snapshots, videos, and so much more on our special highlight page about Finding Fido.

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