5 Ultra-Adoptable Toy Poodles At Shelters Nationwide

by The Z Living Editors
In anticipation of Z Living's upcoming original show Finding Fido, where underwater dog photographer Seth Casteel matches people with the perfect rescue dog, we're finding the cutest dogs from shelters across America who are looking for a forever home and sharing them with you. Keep checking in for more adoptable dogs, and learn more about Finding Fido here.

Maybe it's the chilly winter weather, but this season we're itching to curl up with a toy poodle.

Poodles are eager-to-please, playful, highly trainable dogs. Ranked second most intelligent dog breed by neuropsychologist Stanley Coren, poodles are a leading dog in agility, obedience, tracking to herding, circus performers or assistance dogs. Don't let their playful size fool you, the toy and miniature poodles are athletes. They excel in advanced obedience competition, where retrieving and jumping skills are required, and in obstacle course competitions.

They're also amazing cuddlers. If you're sensitive to dog hair, you can join the furry mosh pit of fun, the poodle's non-shedding coat makes this breed a good dog for people with allergies.

These miniature and toy poodles are all awaiting adoption around the US, and they caught our attention. Think you may be a match for one of these dogs? Contact the shelter directly. Then, tag your new pet with the hashtag #FindingFido to let us know who you saved. 

toy poodle
Even if you don't adopt a dog yourself this year, give back to animal shelters by joining our #FindingFido campaign: Through mid-January, we're giving away $5000 to animal shelters around the US. For every #FindingFido hashtag used we'll donate $1 to a Greater Good partner organization. Tag a photo of your dog with the hashtag, plus add the social handle of a shelter you admire to nominate them to win!

UP FOR ADOPTION: Meet Sir Christopher (m.) from Washington German Shepherd Rescue in Woodinville, WA

"This absolutely stunning poodle has been very well cared for and very well groomed since he was a puppy. Sir Christopher is groomed every month, so a home dedicated to his beautiful upkeep is important. He has very soft sparkling white fur and he weighs only 12 lbs. An absolutely terrific size!”

Learn more about where to adopt Sir Christopher

UP FOR ADOPTION: Meet Maisey (f.) from Rescue dogs from Puppy Mills in South Amboy, NJ

"I am a 7 year old Poodle/Havanese mix. I weigh around 13 lbs and as you can see, I am adorable. My first 5 years were spent in a Puppy Mill. I then found a forever home but my owner had to return me. I now live with a foster Mom and her dogs and cats. I really like it here, playing with the dogs and sleeping with the cats. ”

Learn more about where to adopt Maisey

UP FOR ADOPTION: Meet Maxx (m.) from Delaney's Dog in Los Angeles

"Hi my name is Maxx and I am a 3 year old poodle. I am very sweet and affectionate and I get along great with other dogs, big and small. I am blind although I don't appear to be as my eyes don't look cloudy. My rescuer believes that trauma may have caused my blindness. I am very intelligent and I do get used to my surroundings. I use my sniffer to guide me and I use careful steps to get myself up and down stairs. I am house trained and very well behaved in the home. Did I mention how adorable I am?”

Learn more about where to adopt Maxx

UP FOR ADOPTION: Meet Molly (f.) from Eloise Rescue in Los Angeles

"I am a very sweet loving girl. I used to live at a home where I was left outside with a boy poodle and I was given scraps to eat. I wanted to be inside and loved but they said I had to guard the house always. I don't really know much about guarding but I know how to snuggle.”

Learn more about where to adopt Molly

UP FOR ADOPTION: Meet Rizzo (m.) from Perfect Pooches Adoption Agency in Romeoville, IL

" Meet Rizzo! He is a 2 year old, male, 15lb large Miniature Poodle. He would love a home with a fenced yard or an adopter that can provide him plenty of exercise. He loves his toys and is great at playing fetch. “

Learn more about where to adopt Rizzo 

Tell us YOUR heartwarming dog adoption story! We're starting a new series called How I Found My Fido and would love to hear from you. Click here to submit your story.


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