One Brave Pug Just Earned a “Hometown Hero” Award

by Nicole Gibbs

This past summer in Meridian, Idaho, Jaxon, an 11-year-old pug saved his family from a house fire and the town has praised him ever since. Neither Mikaela Sebree or Todd Lavoie noticed when sparks began flying out of one of their electrical outlets on the night of August 29th, their dog did, though. 

The little dog barked and barked until one of his humans came to see what the problem was. Lavoie discovered the fire and was able to put it out with an extinguisher. According to the Meridian Fire Department, the family could have lost a third of her home if the fire lingered any longer. 

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In response to the miraculous chain of events, the town decided to honor its most on-the-ball canine. Earlier this October, Jaxon became the first animal to earn the honor of Meridian’s “Hometown Hero” Award. He also received an honorary firefighters badge and a plastic fireman’s hat. 

According to ABC News, the town and Mayor Tammy de Weerd presented Jaxson with the award for "outstanding bravery" and "heroic values of courage, compassion, character, initiative and responsibility.” 

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Many people will adopt a dog to protect their home, and this is one example that goes well beyond barking at UPS drivers. No matter how small, these intelligent, four-legged creatures bring quite watchful and loving eyes to homes around the world.

Have your own story about how a dog protected a family? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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