Handyman's Breathtaking Gesture Saves Rescue Dog

by Nancy Dunham

Gus is an English bulldog who was recently saved by rescuers Dawna Pederzani and Karen Sturtevant of Vermont English Bulldog Rescue in Williston, Vermont. When they took him in, his health became an immediate concern.

“[He was a skeleton], skin infections, eye infections, teeth were completely rotted in his mouth,” Pederzani told MyChamplainValley.com. “He was just a health disaster.”

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But the duo was undaunted. Despite medical bills mounting for Gus’ surgeries and medical treatments, he slowly regained his health. One recent obstacle seemed insurmountable, though—Gus needs to sit upright when he eats, to digest properly. If he eats in a traditional way, standing on his four legs with his head facing down, the food can go into his lungs and kill him.

The duo found plans for a special chair that would allow Gus to sit upright while eating. But Pederzani’s recent shoulder surgery limited her abilities to fix the chair.

Home Depot employee Corey Shanteau to the rescue.

 “He heard the story and said, ‘Bring me the plans and I’ll have it built in a couple of days,'” Pederzani told MyChamplainValley.com. This left-field handyman kindly got the chair to the family in time for the recent holidays, giving it to them for free. 

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Inspiring stories of rescue animals finding better lives with their destined owners are plentiful on Z Living’s series Finding Fido. 

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